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What Are The Wearing Parts Of The Pump?
Oct 25, 2017

1, pump shell is generally cast iron parts, if the transmission of corrosive media, usually the use of stainless steel structure. It may be cracked by mechanical or thermal stresses. When the pump in the work due to the impact of cavitation or not released in the winter pump shell water and easily broken when frozen, if the damage is heavy, can not be repaired, should replace the new pump shell.

Of course, in the case of product quality assurance, if the normal use, the pump shell life is quite long.

So, if the customer chooses Ken Fu product, for the pump shell, including pump body, pump cover, it does not belong to the vulnerable parts, so it does not need standing.

2, the pump shaft is generally carbon steel parts, commonly used 45 steel, 2Cr13 and so on. Due to manufacturing quality, use or installation and other reasons, it is also easy to damage. Pump shaft may crack, bend, journal wear, thread damage, etc., may also occur fracture accident. If the damage is serious and can not be repaired, the new shaft should be replaced.

3, the role of shaft is the protection shaft. If the packing seal is used, the shaft sleeve must bear the friction between the packing and the shaft. If mechanical seals are used, the bushings are generally not subject to friction, but when the mechanical seal fails, the sleeve may also be damaged by mechanical seals that are damaged by friction. Therefore, it is suggested that bushings be used as vulnerable parts.

4, impeller is an important part of the pump, for the occasion of the conventional transportation of clean water, made of cast iron; for the transport of chemical media, made of stainless steel. The impeller may appear cracks, due to cavitation effect on the surface of the nest hole or perforation, long been washed, grinding leaves thinning or partial wear, or even debris smashed.  Some defects can be repaired; some defects can not be repaired, that is to say, a new impeller should be replaced. Therefore, although the impeller does not belong to vulnerable parts, but it should also be standing.

5, bearings. The bearing of sliding bearing is made of copper tin alloy. The wear resistance is very poor. It is one of the most easily worn and burnt out parts. The bush can be repaired or replaced. Generally, the average life of rolling bearings is 25000 hours, but improper installation, long service time or poor maintenance, are also easy to wear or damage. So, for bearings, they should be standing.

6, the mouth ring is also known as reducing leakage or grinding ring, it is one of the most easily worn parts in the pump. After wearing, it can be repaired or replaced. When replacing the new leakage reducing ring, its inner diameter should be configured according to the inlet diameter of the impeller. If the outer diameter of the impeller inlet is worn, turning can be done to eliminate the groove mark and ellipse, then the inner diameter reducing leakage ring is arranged, and the outer diameter of the impeller inlet can be turned three times. Therefore, the mouth ring should be used as a vulnerable part.

7, shaft seal. Including packing seal or mechanical seal. Packed with long will harden and lose their elasticity, make the water pump leak, Water Leakage, the general should be replaced with new packing. Mechanical seal life is generally 2~3 years, so should also be standing.

8, oil seal is rubber products, easy to wear and aging, generally replace the new parts.

9. Auxiliary seal in pump. Inside the pump, O rings and rectangular rings are installed in many places, and these auxiliary seals are usually made of rubber or other non-metallic materials. Need to be replaced during overhaul.