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The Working Principle Of Electric Sprayer
Oct 25, 2017

The electric sprayer powered by a low-voltage DC power supply, the liquid is sucked out in the liquid storing tank driving low voltage electric water pump, through the infusion tube into the spray rod, spraying, can be realized through the nozzle spraying mist, can also direct injection distance of 8-10 meters.

The electric sprayer eliminates the suction suction cylinder, thus effectively eliminating the disadvantages of the operator of the pesticide filter damage. The pressure of the electric pump of the sprayer is larger than that of the manual suction cylinder, the spraying distance and range are increased, the atomizing effect is good, the time saving, the labor saving, and the medicine saving are saved!

At present, the electric sprayer is widely used in agriculture, forestry, animal husbandry, breeding, environmental protection and health epidemic prevention and other fields, it can be said that it has been applied in all aspects of life.