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The Use Of The Sprayer
Oct 25, 2017

1. first of all, according to the requirements of the instructions, the sprayer is installed to keep it in good condition. Gas shall not leak, the connection parts shall not leak, leakage. Spray test should be done before spraying.

A liquid medicine box 2. prepared, to close through switch. The liquid must be filtered, otherwise it will easily block the spray hole.  The liquid can not exceed the water level outside the cartridge marked line; such as overfill liquid, easily through the hole at the top of the cylinder barrel into the Qing Qing upper work.

The head piece, 3. low volume spray must be replaced by 0.7 mm diameter or large aperture, such as the use of sprinklers, fog not only picking, waste of medicine, also requires a lot of work.

4. before spraying, shake the rocker 6-8 times, so that the gas chamber to achieve the working pressure, then spray. If the rocker is heavy, do not force too much, so as to avoid gas chamber explosion poisoning accidents.

5. prohibit the use of strong corrosive pesticides, so as not to damage the machine. The parts after use shall not be loaded into the liquid medicine barrel, so as to prevent corrosion and influence the service life.

6, to make liquid flow measurement before spraying, spraying to "always three spray method to", according to the height and the control objects of crops, can also be used for spraying or interlacing direct spray.