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Sprayer Use And Maintenance
Oct 25, 2017

1. shake the handle into the handle and gear box, then tighten the wing nut, according to the barrel of the arrow shown in the direction of rotation, if there is no noise, that is normal.

2. first, connect the powder injection head and the powder injection tube, tighten the screw on the big tight ring, and then insert one end of the powder hose into the groove of the hose.

Join the 3. powder should be kept dry, not wood, stone, clay, fiber and other debris. When the powder is added, the switch needs to be closed so as to avoid the leakage of the powder from the switch hole into the fan and cause the powder to shake.

4. adjust the opening degree of the powder door switch according to the type of powder, the degree of dryness and humidity and the amount of powder needed per mu. Attention should not be switched to the maximum, should be gradually opened according to the need. When spraying powder, people should walk on the wind, not spraying powder, the switch should be closed, so as to avoid the leakage of powder from the switch hole into the fan, resulting in accumulation of powder.

5. hose and fan parts connected by hose, according to the requirements of the operation, up and down can swing freely. But it should be noted that the hose can not be compressed and the air duct is blocked, resulting in fan deposition.

The spraying work should be completed, the barrel residual powder will clean the spraying tube removed. The residual powder inside and outside of the pipe also clean air, then shake, the residual powder in the wind blowing machine, avoid the powder accumulation of damp agglomerate and blocking the pathway of corrosion, barrel body and parts. To affect the service life.