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Pump The Demolition, Maintenance, Installation Need To Pay Attention To The Problem
Oct 25, 2017

First: the need to pay attention to the disassembly process of water pump

1, before the disassembly of the pump, it is best to familiarize yourself with the water pump product instructions, and product structure and installation drawings.

2, remove the thrust bearing before using a dial indicator measuring balance disc space, and make a record

3, in order to avoid product installation errors, in the multistage pump disassembly, must pump parts in accordance with the order of a certain mark

4, when the product is disassembled

Two: pump parts inspection should pay attention to the problem

1, the visual surface is normal, the mating surfaces must be free of scratches, rust etc.

2. Measure the tolerance of the key fit parts with the gauge

3, the amount of impeller seal ring, shell seal ring, guide vane seal ring, the gap between the shaft sleeve and other gaps in the tolerance range, excessive wear need to be replaced

4. Check whether the bearings are intact

5. All gaskets and gaskets should be renewed

Three: water pump installation process should pay attention to the problem

1, the rotor will be installed, dynamic balancing test again

2, according to the opposite order of disassembly pump back parts, back to install again pay attention to each seal ring clearance value, to ensure that no error

3. The total rotor number should be measured before the balance plate is installed;

4, installed balance after the measurement of rotor half string quantity;

5, and the total assembly line assembly requirements and the total number of semi string, should be basically consistent with the requirements of the drawings. In general, half a string is about half the total amount of string

6, evenly tighten the main bolts, attention should be diagonal;

7, on the shaft a dial indicator, rotating shaft on the balance disc playing table, tolerance according to the requirements of the drawings, generally not more than 0.06;

8, when putting thrust bearings, attention should be paid to adjust the balance plate clearance, should use the adjustment ring before the bearing to adjust the balance plate gap to the drawing requirements.