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Knapsack Powered Sprayer Type
Oct 25, 2017

Centrifugal fan is the key component of the whole knapsack machine, it produces high speed air flow, even liquid medicine or powder evenly atomizing or blowing, so as to obtain a certain range and spray amplitude.

The fan used on the knapsack machine is a small high speed centrifugal fan, the airflow is driven into the fan by the impeller shaft, and the high speed air flow after the energy is flowed out along the tangential direction of the impeller circumferential.

According to the current knapsack type, the main forms of fan structure are the front bending type and the back bending type.  The front curved blade has short blade, long and short combination blade and long blade, and the back curved blade has long blade and long and short blade.

With machine fan speed is high, the air inlet fan to be put into the ventilation cover, to prevent foreign body inhalation fan, causing damage to parts and personnel injury.

Kit assembly kit assembly comprises a medicine box cover, filter, air intake pipe, kit, powder door body, powder blowing pipe, powder tube and sealing etc.. Medicine not only stored liquid or powder, and the high speed airflow fan by means of the introduction of drug delivery, its shape should be conducive to drain the liquid medicine (powder) in the liquid, reduce the residual (powder). There is no leakage under the pressure of 10 thousand kPa to ensure normal infusion (powder).

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