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Characteristics Of Low Capacity Spray Technology
Oct 25, 2017

Low volume spray and conventional spray have the above advantages, and they also have some characteristics of ultra low volume spray:

1.. It is not limited by the kinds of pesticides and special pesticide formulations, and has wide adaptability.

2. do not replace Ru special atomizing nozzle. The original sprayer of a 18 mist sprayer in Taishan can be directly spray, and manual sprayer can only spray a low volume spray with only 0.7 mm nozzle.

3. for pi to be diluted with water spray liquid, so the crops are safe, but also according to crop species, structure, pest and disease site, to adjust the nozzle height as well as about Sakura, increase the pertinence and droplet cover area.

4. pairs of human and livestock safety. The concentration of low concentration is lower than the capacity of using ultra low volume spray to use, and the use of EC or agent, on human skin permeability, capacity to wash, to speak relatively safer than ultra low volume spray t.

5. the spray technology of the two capacity levels is similar, but the low volume spray can relax the wind speed, and can control the cotton aphid, aphid and spider mite by the targeted spray.