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The reason why the pump bearing temperature is too high
Oct 25, 2017

Pump bearing temperature rise is the main reason: (at this time as long as pay attention to observe, timely find out the reason, processing is not difficult)

(1) water pump shaft bending or not concentric, will make the pump vibration, causing bearing heating or wear.

(2) due to the increase of axial thrust (for example, the balance disk and balance ring in water pump are seriously damaged), the axial load of bearing is increased, leading to bearing heating and even damage.

(3) insufficient or excessive oil (grease) in bearings, poor quality, sediment, iron filings and other debris; sliding bearing sometimes due to oil ring does not rotate, with no oil, resulting in bearing fever.

(4) the clearance of the bearing does not meet the requirements.  Such as the bearing inner ring and pump shaft, the bearing outer ring and bearing body with too loose or too tight, can cause bearing fever. (with too tight will make the bearing rotation is not flexible; with loose, the inner ring of the bearing to rotate or the bearings in the bearing body).

(5) the static balance of the pump rotor is not good. The radial force of the pump rotor increases, and the bearing load increases, resulting in bearing heating.

(6) the vibration of the pump in the non design point operation, will also cause the bearing of water pump to heat.

(7) the bearing has been damaged (including the purchase of the bearing itself quality problems), is often more common bearing fever, such as rolling bearing retainer and ball crush damage to the inner or outer ring fracture; sliding bearing alloy layer peeling off block, etc.. In this case, bearing abnormal sound, noise, should be open bearing inspection and replacement.