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The construction and function of the sprayer
Oct 25, 2017

The outside air chamber in the liquid barrel, gas chamber bottom and outlet valve and a water outlet joint is connected, the connection thread. A safe water level line is marked on the upper part of the air chamber. The function of the air chamber is to hold the air in the interior and stabilize the pressure, so as to ensure that the liquid is even and continuously ejected, and at the same time it acts as a buffer to prevent the damage of the parts. A water outlet is provided at the lower part of the barrel of the air chamber to connect the jet parts.

The liquid barrel liquid barrels by water cover, a barrel body and a barrel outer strap, clasp, saddle. Water is good after tight joints, can prevent liquid spills, at the center of cover with a vent, to ensure that the barrel is communicated with the atmosphere.

The injection parts of the spraying parts are made up of rubber pipes, straight through switches, casings, nozzles, nozzles, etc.. The through switch is composed of a switch core and a switch shell. It opens or closes to control the flow or stop of the liquid medicine. A filter screen is installed in the casing to filter the ejected liquid. Nozzle for connecting casing and nozzle. The spray head is composed of a nozzle body, a washer, a spray piece and a spray head cap, so as to be used for spraying atomized liquid medicine.