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Piston pump is mainly composed of what structure
Oct 25, 2017

The structure form of piston into the axial piston pump and radial piston pump two representative; due to the high efficiency of pump radial plunger pump which belongs to the technical content of a new high, with the localization of accelerating, radial piston pump will become an important group of application field of piston pump parts; following only axial piston pump as an example to explain.

Axial piston pump is the use of parallel with the drive shaft in the plunger hole reciprocating movement of the volume change to work. As the plunger and the plunger hole are circular parts, processing can achieve high accuracy, so it has high volume efficiency, stable operation, good flow uniformity, low noise, high working pressure, but the hydraulic oil pollution is more sensitive, more complicated structure, high cost.

Oil pump plunger pump mechanism includes two sets of precision parts: plunger plunger sleeve + plunger, valve seat and the oil is formed by a valve, plunger and plunger sleeve is a pair of precision parts, the paired grinding are not interchangeable, wear resistance requirements with high accuracy and smoothness again, the radial gap is 0.002 ~ 0.003mm.

Cylindrical surface of plunger head chute cut there, and through the radial hole, the axial hole and at the top of the same, the purpose is to change the cycle of oil production; plunger has put into the system, back to the hole, with the pump body cavity at the same pressure oil, pump plunger into the body suit, the application of positioning screw positioning.

There are different ways to change the oil supply in different positions of the head chute.

The oil outlet valve and the oil outlet valve seat are also a pair of precision pairs, which can not be interchanged after mating, and the clearance is 0.01mm.

The oil valve is a one-way valve, the pressure in the spring under the action of the upper conical valve seat surface and closely cooperate, its role is to stop, the high-pressure tubing and plunger cavity isolated from the top to prevent the high-pressure tubing in the oil poured into the fuel pump inside.

The lower part of the oil outlet valve has a cross section, which can guide and pass through the diesel oil. There is a small cylindrical surface at the bottom of the outlet valve, which is called a pressure reducing ring. The effect is that the oil pressure in the high pressure oil pipe drops rapidly at the end of the oil supply, and the phenomenon of oil dripping at the nozzle hole is avoided. When the annulus falls into the valve seat, the upper volume increases rapidly, the pressure decreases rapidly, and the jet stops rapidly.