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How to safely operate the backpack electric sprayer
Oct 25, 2017

Knapsack electric sprayer is now popular sprayer type, in use should follow the operating procedures, maintenance should pay attention to the method, avoid by all means, can not play with. So how should the correct operation?

1, the operation staff should wear masks with gloves, long pants, underwear for completion, hand washing with soap, to avoid poisoning. If the pesticide is used carelessly, the liquid medicine enters the eye, the skin and so on, should flush with a large amount of water as soon as possible.

2, the water level does not exceed the water level line, in order to prevent the outflow of drugs, causing poisoning.

3, keep the left hand pressure uniform, the top and bottom press the number of times in 30 / minute, do not make the pressure is too large, damage the air pressure chamber.

4, homework, wind should stand on the windward side, and try to spray in the calm weather.

5, proper preservation and treatment of unused pesticides, in order to prevent unsafe phenomena.

6, if the nozzle blocked, can not use the mouth blowing nozzle debris, so as to avoid pesticide poisoning.

Safe operation of knapsack type electric sprayer is mainly including 6 aspects above, if the sprayer failure found during use to immediately stop the operation, timely maintenance and maintenance, so as to avoid more problems sprayer.