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How to judge whether a pump is standardized?
Oct 25, 2017

What is standardized water pump: standardized pump is the country according to the requirements of ISO, the development and implementation of the latest type of water pump. Its main characteristics are light weight, excellent performance, easy operation, long service life and low energy consumption. It represents the latest trend in the water pump industry.

(1) how to choose the pump: when the user selects the pump, it is best to the agricultural machinery department recognized sales point, must recognize the manufacturer. It is recommended to purchase water filled submersible pumps, and to see the brand and product quality certificate. Never buy "three noes" (i.e., no manufacturer, no production date, no production permit) products.  Otherwise, there will be problems, users will be helpless.

What brand of water pump is good: as a user. Due to the limitations of professional knowledge, it is difficult to decide, the best way is to consult the water pump experts. If there is no consultation, old users may wish to consult some of the water pump, especially those with conditions similar to their own, buy these users trustworthy, reliable quality and relatively mature products, is a wise choice. At the same time, the single-phase pump or three-phase pump should be decided according to the local power supply.