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How to improve the efficiency of the pump, reduce energy consumption
Oct 25, 2017

Replacing 14 low efficiency centrifugal pumps. When replacing, the centrifugal pump which is close to the actual operating condition parameters is selected, which ensures that the replaced pump always operates in high efficiency. The efficiency comparison experiment was done before and after the replacement of the centrifugal pump. The experiment shows that the pump efficiency can be increased by about 10% when the low efficiency and high consumption centrifugal pump is replaced.

Two. Application of frequency conversion energy saving technology. For the centrifugal pump with design parameters larger than the actual operating conditions, the frequency conversion speed regulating device is installed, and always runs in the high efficiency area.

Three, on the main centrifugal pump to promote the application of energy-efficient permanent magnet speed regulating motor and double power motor and other new energy saving products.

Four, the choice of centrifugal pump. Use the new pump, choose large pump manufacturers to ensure high efficiency centrifugal pumps.

Five. Maintenance of centrifugal pump.

1, often to centrifugal pump shaft end seal inspection and adjustment, reduce volume loss;

2, when the centrifugal pump runs 10 thousand h, the pump should be overhauled to restore the pump efficiency;

3, on the centrifugal pump to promote the application of bellows sealing technology, completely eliminate the centrifugal pump leakage, improve volumetric efficiency.

Six, regularly cleaning filter cylinder, check the pipeline connection, ensure the centrifugal pump into the liquid pipeline unblocked.

Seven, strictly according to the operation rules of centrifugal pump, start the pump before the disc pump, open the import valve, close the outlet valve, exhaust vent, check the pump inlet pressure is in line with the requirements. Prevent liquid supply from low pressure and insufficient flow caused by cavitation phenomenon.