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Causes and Emergency Treatment of Water Pump Leakage
Oct 25, 2017

1, water pump leakage reason

(1) when the water pump is installed, the water seal seat assembly is not installed in place, causing the pump to continue leaking. Due to the pump shaft and the hole corresponding to the view block (left) when the hydrosphere, water Water Leakage, cooling water pump shaft in the retaining ring along the will from inspection of pump hole thrown outwards and Dettol, thus preventing the cooling water to flow into the bearing lubrication failure. In addition, the replacement of the retaining ring without attention to clear the pump body and the pump cover is not well combined and sealed, will cause the pump Water Leakage.

The mechanical engineering work environment is bad, easy to cause the bakelite gasket and uneven wear bushing end of the spring; long-term immersion in water, easy to rust, elastic decreased, can also cause Water Leakage.

The winter forget water or water is not clean, and the water temperature is too high, the cooling system of water vapor condensation after freezing, are likely to cause the pump body is cracking, resulting in Water Leakage.

The old machine in the water seal, mechanical wear, corrosion and aging, is also the reason of the water pump Water Leakage. When construction machinery long-term parking, because there is no cooling water in the engine, causing dry shrinkage and deformation due to pad, bakelite bakelite gasket sealing; after adding water though the expansion but not fully restored, will cause a small amount of Water Leakage. In addition, the newly installed water pump, bakelite gasket and cast iron liner has not yet fully adjusted, will also lead to a small amount of water pump Water Leakage.

After understanding the cause of leakage, we know how to deal with the leakage of water pump.

2, emergency treatment measures

If the pump is operating Water Leakage, shall immediately stop their work, should be kept at a stable speed to the lowest, at the same time in the cooling system while adding water and water (Note: open the water supply cover, should be on the top of a cover, to prevent water vapor burns was out), cooling the engine. Short time, slow speed, driving to a nearby shelter were excluded.  If it is encountered pump shell rupture and Water Leakage, or pump parts are damaged and lost water pump function, may replace the relevant parts, troubleshooting.

If the pump is damaged badly, and no way to repair, pump inlet and outlet pipe can be directly connected, in order to make full use of natural circulation hot and cold water temporarily keep the engine normal temperature; or the use of a tube or a bucket as a container, it firmly fixed, then two hose from the container that one is connected to the engine inlet, the other one is connected to the engine outlet, the other end of the two pipes are inserted into the container, and should be firmly fixed hose.

If only the water pump shell cracks and leakage, the cracks can be cleaned, and then bonded with adhesive. In order to meet the emergency, egg white and cement can be mixed into sticky sticks and smeared in the cracks, which can be used after a few minutes of solidification.